Doreen Jackson

(207)212-6677 °

"Doreen was very pleasant, hard working and will look out for your best interest. She had great communication and was on top of things."
Jennifer Griffin - Farmington

"We had a good communication and experience working with Doreen."
Hannah Gallant - Woodstock

"Doreen really went the extra mile for me! She works really hard, is very positive and personable. The moving van use was awesome!
Debi McGarr Hutchins - Farmington

"Doreen was super professional, knowledgeable and answered all our questions! It was a great team experience and we would definitely work with Doreen again!"
Samantha & Christopher Conwell - Rumford

"Doreen was easy and amazing to work with. She was very informative, knowledgeable and down to earth.
And your team was a joy to work with!"
Andy & Sherri Hadley - Dixfield

"Doreen was very friendly & knowledgeable. Her customer service was excellent and the team was easy to deal with."
Jim & Betty Pomerleau - South Paris

"Doreen's dedication and effort put in throughout the process was outstanding. Doreen went above and beyond
with assistance at every turn with outstanding support."
Kenneth Doughty - Rumford

"Doreen is honest, hardworking, & always available.  The Fontaine Team goes out of their way to make sure all needs are met."
Erika Stoodley - Sumner

"Doreen was very friendly.  Texting, e-mail, and popping in when needed made the interactions easy."
Katherine Rehill - Brownfield

"Doreen was very positive and professional, easy going and down to earth.  
James Whitmore - Hebron

"I was very impressed with all the work that went into the listing.  Doreen is a very good Realtor."
Cheryl Bilodeau - Jay

"Doreen is incredibly fast and knowledgeable.  She is willing to do what is needed to get the sale through."
Jordan Demillo - Jay

"Doreen went above and beyond for us and her communication was very good.  She will go to bat for you for everything and get it done fast.  Doreen is awesome!"
Melindy Worthely - Sumner

"Doreen's tenacity kept things going and got things accomplished.  She kept us informed at all times.  Doreen is top notch!"
Heidi Scibilio - South Weymouth, MA

"I wouldn't go anywhere else.  I 100% trust Doreen.  Everything was perfect, very fast response - even when on vacation."
James Smith & Anna Andes - Livermore

"Doreen is very patient.  She made the process as easy as it could be."
Dylan Hall - Buckfield

"Doreen is extremely helpful and responsive.  She knows her marked based on my set criteria.  She was easy to work with, set showings with, and honest."
Michael Files - Canton

"Doreen is a great agent who puts in 110% and truly cares."
Melinda Burton

"Doreen is friendly, dependable and hard working.  She will get your property sold."
Jeff Newcomb - Livermore Falls