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Buying A Home? Do You Know the Lingo?

Comps? Staging? Note? Confused by the terminology used when buying home? To start
you on your home buying path with confidence, here’s a short list of some of the most
common terms used when buying a home.

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Housing Market Set To Spring Forward [INFOGRAPHIC]

Just like our clocks this past weekend in the majority of the country, the housing market will soon
“spring forward!”  as well!  And with the time change comes Spring fever. Buyer demand increases
considerably in the Spring and Summer months. Now's the time to benefit from selling your home!

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Dreaming of owning a Vacation Home? Make it a reality!

Do you spend all winter dreaming of summer? You’re not alone! The dream of retreating to your
very own beach side condo, cabin in the woods or lakeside cottage may not be as far off from
reality as you may think. Maybe all you need is a firm vision of your long-term goals. 

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Do These 5 Simple Things Before Moving Into Your New Home

We know you're very excited to get in your new home and start making it your own.  So you're
starting with a clean slate, there are a few quick tasks you should take care of before moving
into your new home. Here’s a simple checklist to start your new home on the right foot.

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10 Home Staging Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Home Fast

It goes without saying if you want to sell your home as quickly as possible and get the price you’re
asking, setting the stage for success should be first on the list of things to do. Read through these
10 tips and tricks to style your home to put your best foot forward starting with the first showing.

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Thinking of Selling Your House? This is a Perfect Time!

It is common knowledge that a great number of homes sell during the spring buying season.
For that reason, many homeowners hold off putting their homes on the market until then. The
question is whether or not that is a good strategy this year. And we are here to help you decide!

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The KonMari Method: Helping You Prep Your House For Sale

The KonMari Method: Helping You Prep Your House For Sale | MyKCM
One of the biggest challenges sellers face when listing their house is decluttering.
Cleaning out some of the more personal decorating choices allows buyers to imagine
themselves living in the house. Find out how to set-up your home to sell fast!

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Make a no obligation appointment with one of our Top Realtors through March 2019 and
receive a FREE signed copy of Brenda's book, "The Limitless Real Estate Leader"!

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Who Decides The Listing Price?
This is where a skilled, experienced real estate agent is a expert real estate agent 
will help you gather the information you need to make an informed decision about how to
price your property. Fontaine Team will offer the guidance you need to price your home right!

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How Do I Find All Homes For Sale In Maine?

Cabin in the SnowWhether you are looking for a home, land, or multi-unit, and even foreclosure homes that
are listed for can find it all in one place. Start your search today!

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Why 2018 Was A Great Year For Home Equity!

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Do you love your home? If not, we can help!

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10 Great Reasons To List Your Home During the Holidays

Are you ready to sell your home, but think you should wait until after the holidays to list? Here are 10 great reasons
you may want to list now! 

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Best of the Best - 5 Years Running!

Thank you for continuing to support us! 

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Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Christmas is coming fast, and many people are putting up their trees and decorating for
the holiday. Every year we hear about Christmas tree fires and that is a sure way to ruin
the holiday. Remember these tips when decorating to make your holiday one to remember! 

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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2 Myths Holding Back Home Buyers

Myth #1: “I Need a 20% Down Payment”

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3 Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage Early!

Wouldn't it be nice to not have a mortgage payment?  

Paying off your mortgage early might be easier than you think!  
Here are 3 easy ways to pay off your mortgage faster...

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Emotional Mistakes to Avoid when Selling a House in Maine

Selling a home can be an emotional undertaking.  You have poured your time and money into a home that is now filled with memories.  It can be difficult, but if you can keep your emotional distance and try to view your home as a financial asset, it will be easier to make decisions that will likely benefit you and a profitable sale!

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Spooky Fun Halloween Attactions in Maine (2018)

It is once again, that spooky time of year when it is perfectly acceptable to try to scare the stuffing out of your kids or friends.  Are you ready to get out and see the sights and frights?  We put together a list of some of the spooky attractions waiting for you in Maine in 2018.  Time to haunt out some screams and scares...if you dare!

Mountain of Terror

at Lost Valley in Auburn, Maine

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Got Arsenic?

Did you know that 1 out of 10 wells in Maine has water that is high in Arsenic?

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Welcome to the Fontaine Team

We would like to welcome two agents to the Fontaine Team in our Scarborough office...

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Let's Fill the Van to Fight Cancer in Maine

Everybody knows someone affected by cancer.
so we are collecting cans!

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4 Reasons To Sell This Fall

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2018 Somerset County Sales


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Maine Things To Do In Fall 2018 From A - Z

Are you looking for something to do this fall in Maine?

Just because summer is coming to and end doesn't mean there is nothing to do...

Check out our A-Z list and get out and enjoy fall in Maine!!

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Scam Alert!

Beware of this Scam Targeting Real Estate Deals...
It could happen to you without you noticing!

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Join us at the B2B Trade Show

B2B Trade Show is Thursday!

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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist:

Fall is the time to take care of items that can keep you safe and save you money this fall and winter.

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July Market Update

July was a busy month in the Maine Real Estate market!  

According to Maine Listings, 5304 properties sold from May 1st - July 31st in the state of Maine with a median sale price of $225,000.  That is a 9.76% increase in the median sold price during the same timeframe in 2017!  While not all markets in Maine are experiencing an increase in the number of sales and increased sale prices, the state overall is!  It is a great time to sell with plenty of gorgeous Maine weather left this year!  

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Have You Outgrown Your Starter Home?

Have You Outgrown Your Starter Home?

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#1 Reason To Put Your House On The Market Today!

The #1 Reason to Put Your House on The Market TODAY!

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Maine Home Prices Are On The Rise!

Maine Home Prices Are Up From Last Year!

According to the Maine Association of Realtors, Maine home prices statewide are up 10.69% for the quarter from April 1st - June 30th over the same time frame in 2017.  The median sale price for the quarter this year was $218,000 up from $197,400 in 2017. Not only are prices up, but the number of properties sold us also up by 2.7%.  

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Fontaine Helps You Sell Quickly

The Fontaine Unique Team System

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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Home

Anytime you are buying a home, it can be stressful.  
 In today's market where it is shifting toward a seller's market, it is especially important to be prepared
 and to avoid missteps that could cost you a home that you have fallen in love with.
 Here are our top 6 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Home! 

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Renting vs. Buying

Buy vs. Rent Comparison

The chart below shows a cost comparison for a renter and a homeowner over a 7 year period.

  • The renter starts out paying $800 per month with annual increases of 5%. 
  • The homeowner purchases a home for $110,000 and pays a monthly mortgage of $1,000.
  • After 6 years, the homeowner's payment is lower than the renter's monthly payment.
  • With the tax savings of homeownership, the homeowner's payment is less than the rental payment after 3 years! 

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Short Sales

Are You Looking For A Bargain? 

Have you considered a short sale property?

If you have been shopping for a house in today's real estate market, you have probably come across some "short sale" properties.

When buyers hear "short sale" the common reaction is to turn and run, but if you are prepared, purchasing a short sale can be a great way to purchase an affordable home with lots of potential for building equity.

SHORT SALE - When a property is sold for less than is owed to one or more lien holders.

Before you consider purchase a short sale,
there are some things you should know:


Despite the name, the timeframe for closing on a short sale is not short. The current mortgage holder could take months to decide if they will accept or deny your offer. Patience is key when purchasing a short sale.


Most banks will not consider a short sale offer unless the potential buyer provides a pre-approval letter. Having that ready to go could speed up the process and help your transaction move along more smoothly.


There are many types of financing out there. Some types of loans are not suitable for purchasing a short sale. If the property needs work, as short sales often do, they may not qualify for some programs. Programs such as Purchase Plus Improvement Loans (203K) or Rehab Loans are perfect for short sales. Make sure you speak with your lender about the possibility of purchasing a short sale to make sure your chosen loan program will work for a short sale property. Because short sales often take longer than other sales, you may need to update your information with your lender occasionally in order to keep your pre-approval.

Cash Purchases

If you pay cash for a short sale, you will usually need to provide a Proof of Funds letter from your bank showing that you have the cash available for the purchase before you offer will be considered. Having this ready to go can be helpful in improving your chances of having your offer accepted.

Inspections and Repairs

In most cases your Real Estate Agent can help you write your offer so you can wait until the short sale is approved to do your inspections. While inspections are important so that you know what you are purchasing, keep in mind that most homeowners are trying to sell as a short sale because of a financial hardship and probably don't have money to make repairs. In most cases, you will be purchasing the property "as is".

Other Offers

In many cases, the bank who holds the current mortgage will continue to accept other offers while they are considering your offer. An Real Estate Agent who is experience in short sales can help you try to avoid this situation.


Many properties that are being sold as a short sale are heading for foreclosure. In most cases, an offer on a short sale home does not stop the foreclosure process. Basically, purchasing a short sale property takes patience and organization.

If you are well prepared, understand what you are getting into, want to build some sweat equity and have lots of patience...a short sale could be a perfect way for you to purchase a house at a great price!


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