Fontaine Family Team Testimonials

"I am so pleased with the Fontaine family. I am standing and applauding! Bravo Bravo Bravo!!! If you want to sell your home this is the team you want on your side!"
-Stephen Kurtz

"Excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff. Experts in the local housing markets. Attention to details, listening to the needs of their clients to provide the best experience possible."
-Mark Clark

"The sales team was prompt on any questions & answers and was very good to deal with. Great staff. Great customer service."
-Luke Bourassa

"Fontaine Team is just ALWAYS AVAILABLE. Things were getting done in such an efficient manner it made the entire process so easy for us. The entire Fontaine Team is a well greased machine and in my opinion, movers and shakers."
-David Robert

"Your Team gets RESULTS! Everyone was courteous and willing to help."
-John + Chris Geary

"Fontaine Team listens to what you are looking for and doesn't push properties that don't fit."
-Carrie Merriman

"The word "TEAM" says it all! On phone, in office and in person Fontaine Team is #1!"
-Joan Ward

"I am so thankful for the Fontaine Family Team.  They were honest, kept in touch, and in my case sold quickly. They were so enjoyable to work with!"
-Irene Lemelin

"Talked to the office to arrange the moving van - Angie was very organized and responsive! Your team is ready and willing to assist and sell."
-Heather Douglass

"Everyone was very professional and SUPER helpful!"
-Sarah Rand

"The team worked smoothly and effectively. Love the team approach!"
-Valerie Wolstencroft

"Always clear communication and quick responses. We always felt informed with updates quickly."
-Miranda Nicely + Sean Jany

"These guys are awesome! They all work together to make things happen for their clients."
-Sue Pilote

"Great customer service. Line of communication was excellent."
-Dustin Hackett

"Everything went great! Any questions I had were answered promptly."
-Katherine Henry

"Professional and always available. That's PRICELESS!"
-Philip + Hilary Jean

"Assistance at every turn. OUTSTANDING SUPPORT!"
-Kenneth Doughty

"For an honest opinion on your property, from how to stage to items to update, to pricing, you won't get a better team! All were professional and answered questions in a timely manner."
-Tammy Levasseur

"Free use of moving van is a BIG PLUS!! Wide range of advertising and family-type connectedness of staff to client."
-Alfreda Fournier

"Great team - friendly, courteous, keeps you informed on status/updates. Always answered questions in a timely manner."
-Jamie Spear

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