Kelly Webb

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"We have had great luck with Kelly and your team in the past. Kelly kept us informed on the progress of the property."
David & Patricia Marshall - Norway

"Kelly was a great communicator, organized, ready and willing to assist and sell. I loved working with Kelly - she is knowledgeable and responsive."
Heather Douglass - Winthrop

"Kelly was attentive and easy to talk to with excellent service. She was flexible and her response time to emails and texts was spot on. We are highly likely to work with Kelly again."
Mark & Katie Wardwell - Sidney

"Kelly was an expert in the Augusta are properties. Her customer service was great and we would work with Kelly again."
Mike & Janet Ledoux - Jefferson

"Kelly worked with us through schedule changes & weather conflicts for all members of our family throughout the process.  We were very satisfied every step at the way with communications & helpfulness."
Chris & Briana Hudson - Turner

"Kelly was personable, dependable, & worked hard to help us achieve our home buying goal.  She was easy to work with and was personally invested with us."
Danny Gay - North Monmouth

"I found that the e-mail and text communication was really helpful.  Kelly was reliable, easy to contact, patient, and accommodating."
Robert Small & Melanie Morin - Litchfield

"Kelly was always attentive & informative with a personal touch.  She will get the job done!"
Amanda Auger - Monmouth

"Kelly Webb was a great resource.  She always went above what was asked.  She knows her stuff! "
Lisa Stevens - Augusta

"Kelly always toes above and beyond.  She was very helpful, dependable, organized, and knowledgeable.  She was always there for us and helpful.  Very easy to work with!"
Jeremy & Nicole Gatcomb - Lewiston

"Kelly had exceptional follow through and communication.  We always knew what was happening and were well-informed.  We had an excellent experience."
Greg & Elizabeth Jamison - Monmouth

"Fontaine Team gets results!  Kelly is good!  From day of listing until closing was a total of 45 days!  We were very pleased with your representation!"
John and Chris Geary - Lewiston

"Kelly was very professional, knowledgeable, patient, and thorough in educating me through the selling process. She always replied promptly to my calls and/or messages, answering my many questions and offering guidance.  I enjoy here sense of humor."
Linda Ruman - Monmouth

"Kelly was very efficient, pleasant, & responsive.  All the support team members were excellent to work with."
Roger and Patricia Dunbar -- Topsham

"Kelly was a great help and did a terrific job in helping me through the entire process.  Kelly was very easy to work with and kept in communication with me always.  If you need to buy or sell a home, call Kelly!"
Lois Cotone - Olney, MD

"Kelly is hard working, friendly, and good at solving problems."
Dale and Norma Lintor - Monmouth

 "We love working with Kelly Webb.  She is the best!"
 Joey and Denise Shorette - Readfield

"Kelly is amazing.  She is very responsive, knowledgeable, and patient.  She know the Monmouth area like no other."
 Paul Chase - North Monmouth

"Kelly is knowledgeable, professional, patient with clients, experienced, and has a sense of humor."
 Ray and Anita Nadeau - Sabattus

"Kelly provided excellent representation and really personal service with lots of give & take and advice around the inspections."
 Kate Goodspeed - Monmouth

"Kelly was extremely helpful with the process of selling our home.  The amount of traffic/showings surprised us.  We had more traffic on the home we just sold than me did on the previous 2 combined!  It was a very pleasurable experience.  The staff was knowledgeable and responded to questions and concerns in a timely fashion."
 Marc and Elizabeth Chamberlain - Winthrop

"Kelly is informative and she knows the ins and outs with years of experience.  I have worked with Kelly, and have always trusted her in real estate."  
 Jerald and Holly Gilbert - Augusta

"Kelly works for you and does a great job.  She is always very helpful."  
 David and Patricia Marshall - Norway

"Kelly was friendly, polite, informative, and quick.  I had an efficient closing...not hidden surprises!!"  
 Eric Ritter - Jackson, TN

"Kelly was dependable, timely and honest!"  
 Estate of Pearl Bender - Pittston

"Kelly is professional, honest, thorough, and service oriented.  She is a problem solver.  We had a great experience and are under contract for another one with Kelly!"  
 Nate and Lori James - Monmouth

"Kelly was friendly, informative, timely, well-organized, and very, very knowledgeable!  Outstanding service!"  
 Nancy Marquis and Jim Harris - Oxford

"We had a great experience!  Kelly treated us with respect, and called me back in a timely manner."  
 Jonathan Green - Turner

'Kelly was honest and easy to communicate with.  She helped us out when we couldn't be there to do some of the things that needed to be done.  Thank you, Kelly!"  
 Joel and Robin Reidy - Wells

"We've worked with Kelly on several transactions.  Her customer service, knowledge, and responsiveness is unmatched!"  
 Nate & Lori James - Lewiston

"Kelly was extremely helpful with guiding me through my land purchase.  She is knowledgeable, helpful, prompt, and available."  
 Dyanna Lincoln - Portland

"Kelly is knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy, and a go-getter."  
 Amanda Auger - Auburn