Meet Our Team

Meet the Fontaine Family Team, Maine Realtors

Fontaine Team's goal is to give our clients the ultimate home buying and home selling experience...

  1. By making it as stress free and hassle free as possible and going above and beyond when opportunity presents itself.
  2. By being extremely responsive to calls, texts, and e-mails and preparing our clients for what should happen next.
  3. By educating our clients on the process and carefully listening to our clients' needs and concerns. 

We Listen To Understand!

Many home buyers & home sellers today are frustrated with the lack of response from real estate professionals. Lack of communication typically leads to unsolved problems & high stress for the consumers. At Fontaine, our agents make it a priority to keep in constant communication and to return calls, emails or texts promptly. That’s why we have a full time licensed support team to answer your calls from 8am-8pm 7 days a week when your agent is unavailable. We believe every client deserves a happy home selling and home buying experience.


OUR MISSION is to make a positive impact in the lives of those we serve and the community we love by delivering an extraordinary client experience and achieving the best possible outcome for each client. Whatever the next chapter of your story may be, let Fontaine Family Team be your guide, helping you move forward.


The Legacy Continues with New Ownership

In 2021, Brenda & Claude Fontaine's daughters, Melissa Fontaine-Field, Crystal Fontaine-Bergeron & Angie Fontaine-Larochelle became the new owners of Fontaine Family - The Real Estate Leader. Melissa joined her mother Brenda Fontaine in 1992 and became a realtor in 1995. Crystal became a realtor in 1997 and both Melissa and Crystal were Brenda’s first buyer agents. Angie joined the team in 2001. All three owners hold a Maine Broker’s license. Crystal also holds a New Hampshire Broker’s license. The three owners make themselves accessible to their agents for support and guidance daily. They know leading by example is of vital importance to the success of the team’s mission.


Each of our team members and Realtors® play an important role in the home selling process and are committed to giving you superior service!

Fontaine Family Team's talented, licensed real estate agents include Brenda's three daughters, Melissa Fontaine-Field, Angie Fontaine-Larochelle and Crystal Fontaine-Bergeron, her two sons-in-law, Bill Bergeron and Clayton Larochelle, Brenda's grandson Dustin Larochelle, along with Harriet Cummings, Pat Long-Cressey, Cindy Morin, Diane Brule, Megan Fortin, Chad Doucette, Charmaine Raby, Nick Blais, Nick Trider, Maria Morrissette, Kathy Lee Cook, Kelly Webb, Kevin Bergeron, Michele Header, Sally Christner, Amanda Hill, David Velilla, Teri Allen Campbell, Sandra Hinkley, Tim Cyr, Mary Ellen Burgess, Gail LaPrino, Paul Rondeau, Erin Herrick, Nicki Therrien, Michelle Gosselin, Sue Fournier, Crystal Gardner, Anna Waldman, David Foster, Heather Whittier-Fadden, Bruce Mason, Deb Brackett, Steve Miller, Bri Gagne, Nykki Stevens, Melissa Cutler-Rinaldi, Nancy Beal, Melissa Guimond, Megan Trundy, Sidney Jolicoeur, Andrea McKay, Rachel Grignon, Ashley Rondeau, Abby Davis, Tiffany Poland, Deanna Lavoie, Sandra Godin, Hannah Levesque, Maggie Ferland, LeAnn McNally, Dawn Dubuc, Rebecca Ricker, Ryan Smith.

All of our agents work closely with each buyer and seller throughout the entire process including the building inspection, financing, all the way to the final walk through and closing. They all devote their time servicing the client and providing "world class" customer service by going above and beyond the call of duty. The Fontaine agents are able to focus on guiding, advising, and counseling their clients because of the 9 member licensed support team that handles all the details in the home buying and home selling process. It’s the best choice and the best value since there’s no extra cost for this world class service.

Be sure to check out our reviews on this website, Google (Auburn & Scarborough) and Facebook to read about past clients’ experience with the Fontaine’s unique team system. Get in touch with an Agent today! 

Auburn Agents - 336 Center Street

Abby Davis - (207)653-9973 -
Andrea McKay - (207)440-4066 -
Anna Waldman - (207)212-9633 -
Bill Bergeron
- (207)576-6523 -
Bri Gagne - (207)212-1294 -
Bruce Mason - (207)576-4638 -
Chad Doucette - (207)357-3778 -
Charmaine Raby
- (207)577-1034
Cindy Morin
- (207)576-7896 -
Clayton Larochelle - (207)576-6524  -
Crystal Gardner - (207)740-2958 -
David Foster - (207)415-7501 -
David Velilla - (207)392-5079 -
Dawn Dubuc - (207)689-4786 -
Deanna Lavoie - (207)879-8496 -
Deb Brackett - (207)650-2348 -
Diane Brule - (207)212-1987 - 
Dustin Larochelle - (207)576-0953  -
Hannah Levesque - (207)576-3643 -
Harriet Cummings - (207)577-6944 -
Heather Whittier-Fadden - (207)315-1417 -
Kathy Lee Cook - (207)751-0902-
Kelly Webb
- (207)212-7445 -
Kevin Bergeron 
- (207)740-4975 -
LeAnn McNally - (207)357-1938 -
Maggie Ferland - (207)402-0477 -
Megan Fortin 
- (207)330-0858 -
Megan Trundy - (207)577-7550 -
Melissa Cutler-Rinaldi - (207)440-0139 -
Melissa Guimond - (207)577-0918 -
Michelle Gosselin - (207)754-4998 -
Nick Blais - (207)740-2716 -
Nick Trider - (207)577-7172 -
Nicki Therrien - (207)754-2858 -
Nykki Stevens - (207)576-3803 -
Pat Long-Cressey 
- (207)212-9541 -
Rachel Grignon - (207)779-6731 -
Rebecca Ricker - (207)805-5262 -
Richard Potvin - (207)212-4013 -
Ryan Smith - (207)558-2266 -
Sandra Hinkley - (207)650-7827 -
Steve Miller - (207)212-8634 -
Sue Fournier - (207)576-0366 -
Teri Campbell - (207)576-4180 -
Tiffany Poland - (207)577-3334 -

Scarborough Agents - 432 US Route 1

Amanda Hill - (207)240-0611 -
Ashley Rondeau - (207)286-6680 -
Carlos Ortiz 
- (207)713-4371 -
Erin Herrick 
- (207)650-9103 -
Gail LaPrino - (207)400-9504 -
Maria Morrissette
- (207)749-8779 -
Mary Ellen Burgess - (207)318-1292 -
Michele Header - (207)318-8878 -
Paul Rondeau - (207)229-7613 -
Sandra Godin - (207)650-1498 -
Sidney Jolicoeur - (207)735-8957 -
Tim Cyr - (860)559-2911 -

Fontaine Referral Agency

Nancy Beal - (207)751-0752 -


Support Team

The dedicated agents of the Fontaine Family Team are backed up by a strong support team. Having a highly trained and licensed support team to help agents behind the scenes means there is always someone available to take your call, working to make each transaction as smooth as possible. 

Brenda Fontaine - Founder of Fontaine Family – The Real Estate Leader - Continues to support the team as the team’s business coach, mentor and recruiter.

Melissa Fontaine-Field - Team Leader - Designated Broker/Owner/Realtor - Melissa keeps the Auburn office running smoothly.  She is in the office to help with the daily tasks that arise in a transaction to bring it to a seamless close.  She also works tirelessly on our short-sale properties to bring about a positive result for both buyer and seller. 

Crystal Fontaine-Bergeron - Support Team Leader - Designee/Broker/Owner/Realtor/REO Specialist - Crystal handles management and disposition for bank owned properties, hires all service companies needed and networks with all the bank owners.  Additionally, she also handles all e-mail inquiries on your property, assigning each e-mail to one of our buyer agents immediately.  It is our practice to respond to all e-mail inquiries within 24 hours excluding weekends and holidays. She is the go-to for staff questions to keep the office running smoothly. 

Angie Fontaine-Larochelle - Daily Operations Leader - Designee/Broker/Owner/Realtor - Angie sets up showings and follows up with the feedback after each showing. The purpose of feedback is to encourage the buyer to write up a contract by overcoming their objections and addressing any of the buyer's issues. She also keeps sellers up to date monthly with comparable properties that have sold and new comparable properties recently on the market, so sellers can be up to date with what the market is doing. 

Crystal Gardner - Auburn Office Client Care Leader - Associate Broker/Realtor - Crystal works alongside staff members to help with daily tasks, also answering the phone and greeting clients at our Auburn location.

Megan Trundy - Auburn Office Client Care Leader - Sales Agent/Realtor - Megan works alongside staff members to help with daily tasks, also answering the phone and greeting clients at our Auburn location.

Sally Christner - Scarborough Office Client Care Leader - Designee/Broker/Realtor - Sally keeps our Scarborough office running smoothly which includes training our new agents as well as conducting team meetings when needed.

Brie Knowlton - Marketing Team Leader - Graphics/Social Media/Digital/Direct Mail - Brie creates marketing and promotional material, working closely with the leadership team to develop new marketing ideas in an ongoing basis, along with updating and further development of the website. Brie also handles our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTokYouTube & LinkedIn.

Tammy Soucy - Team Leader of Photography/Signage - Tammy is the team photographer and photographs each new listing and measures every room. She installs our "for sale" signs at your property and lock boxes as well.


2019 Maine Family Owned Business of the Year 

Holiday Inn By the Bay First Generation Award Recipient