Fontaine History and Timeline

1983 - Brenda obtains her Real Estate sales agent license and begins her career.  She experiences success quickly! 

1989 - Brenda obtains her Real Estate Broker's license.

1993 - Brenda hires her first part-time assistant.

1995 - Brenda's husband, Claude, and their daughter, Melissa, join as Brenda's first buyer agents. 

1997 - Brenda's youngest daughter, Crystal, joins as a buyer's agent and part-time administrative assistant for website development. 

1999 - Bill, Brenda's son-in-law joins as a buyer agent creating the beginning of the Fontaine Family Team!

2000 - Clay, Brenda's son-in-law also joins as a buyer agent.

2001 - Brenda's daughter, Angie, joins the team as a lead generator and showing/feedback coordinator.

2004 to 2014 -  Brenda starts hiring team members outside of the family and grows slowly and steadily each and every year.

2015 - Brenda opens a second location in Scarborough, Maine.

2018 - Fontaine Family - The Real Estate Leader has 7 staff members (6 of whom are licensed Realtors®) and 21 agents in our Auburn location.  We have an additional licensed staff member and 18 agents in our Scarborough office.  We now cover 7 counties in Maine!  
Fontaine has successfully helped over 6,000 families since 1983.

Read in-depth information of the trials, tribulations, and successes of the Fontaine Family in Brenda's book, The Limitless Real Estate Leader.   This inspirational book is available on Amazon or for a signed copy, visit