Megan Fortin

Megan Fortin, Realtor at Fontaine Family - The Real Estate Leader

Megan has worked in the hospitality field, restaurants and a motel. Megan has been with the Fontaine Team for several years now, specializing in new construction. Her husband is the Vice President of Fortin Construction. Together they make your dream home come to life! Megan helps buyers look for land, and her husband offers turn-key packaging so clients can get financing for land and house as one package deal.

Megan is hard working and a gets the job done! If you're looking for land to buy or sell, or a home to build, she’s your gal.

Megan lives in Cumberland with her husband, son and two more on the way.


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Fontaine Testimonials

"Megan made us feel like we were selling a half a million and buying the same!  What I was selling or buying didn't matter.  I was her client and that's all that mattered!"
 Thomas & Laura Boulette | Silverdale, WA

"Megan will hustle and get-r-done!  Very responsible."
 Gregory McMorrow

"Megan was awesome!  She was a strong communicator and had great suggestions.  She went the extra mile!"  
 Justin & Randi St. Hilaire

"Megan was motivated to help.  She made no false promises and responded promptly to inquiries - good follow through!"  
 Amber Pease | Bowdoin