Cindy Morin

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"Cindy kept us informed through the entire process and your team was much more attentive. I would
say Cindy loves her job and wants to make people happy."
Shirley Anctil, Lewiston

"Cindy and her team were very accessible, friendly and eager to answer questions and help in any way.
Cindy will do all she can and beyond to sell you house."
Jerry and Joanne Welch - Lewiston

"Cindy was efficient & dependable.  She was always available.  Cindy is awesome!"
Rheal & Linda Harps - Monmouth

"Cindy was very supportive & answered all our questions."
Russ Strout - Greene

"Cindy got results - FAST! She was pleasant to deal with & there was good communication.  She was tenacious in working out an acceptable deal & saved the sale at the last minute."
 Janet Barrett - Lewiston

"Cindy is a very likeable person to work with.  She is very pleasant & to the point.  I enjoyed the way she handled herself."
 Paul Parent - Lewiston

"We were very pleased with the service we received & would recommend Cindy!  I really liked the app for showings & Cindy's warm, friendly service!  She gave excellent advice!"
 Darryl and Cheryl Ellis - Mason, NH

"Cindy was very low key & friendly.  Excellent customer service."
 Robie Wagner - Buxton

"This was our second time with the Fontaine Team.  Cindy is the best!"  
 Mike & Chrystal Tripp - Livermore Falls

"Cindy is awesome to work with.  She is knowledgeable, approachable, & responsive!"
 Candice Niva & Alex Gaeth

"Cindy was friendly, knowledgeable, & all smiles!  Communication was great & service was friendly."
 Eric Hutchins - Auburn

"Cindy is extremely easy to work with.  She is honest, pleasant, & prompt!"
 Abbe Chabot - Greene

"Cindy is trustworthy, up front, involved, & kept us up to date.  She was ready to answer our calls & questions!"
 Ed and Kathleen Rose - Greene

"Cindy did a great job & always helped me in any way she could.  She sold my home in a short time."  
 Marilyn Morea - Foxboro, MA

"Cindy is so helpful.  She is very attentive & on top of details."  
 Claudette Robert - Lewiston

"Cindy was very understanding.  Cindy is the best & we would recommend her."  
 Rheal Harps - Monmouth

"Cindy is beyond AMAZING!"  
 Bear and Carrie Parker - Winthrop

"Cindy was energetic, positive, encouraging, & attentive!  We loved the photographer & the photos.  Showing scheduling went smoothly."  
 Peg Hoffman & Jim Cogan - Lewiston

"Cindy was very helpful in finding a home & listening to my requests.  She understood what I was looking for & helped me pick up on details I would have otherwise missed."  
 Drew Haskell - Lewiston

"Cindy was compassionate, prompt, & informative.  Excellent service!"  
 Karen Pleau - Augusta

"Cindy was fast & effective!  She got the job done!  Cindy is the best! If you want to sell your house fast & for a good price, call her!"  
 Candace Niva - Rockport

"Cindy was friendly & prompt with communication.  Cindy is amazing!"
 Michele & Steve Bosse - Greene

"Cindy Morin is my realtor. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cindy personally for taking my property and working with me. It was a very tough for me going through this process, but Cindy really made it smooth & was honest with me every step of the way. I appreciate her kindness, her caring, & most of all what this property meant to me and my family. I just didn't want to sell my property but I wanted to make sure the buyer knew the history and memories I created while living there. Cindy really worked with me, & I have to say it was tough at times, I really got to know her as she did me. So I thank you so much Cindy for sticking it out with me & helping me. You really made a difference, I could not have done it without you...I know we will cross paths again in the near future. I wanted to thank you again, & I wish you the best. Thank you Cindy Morin & the rest of the Fontaine group for making the next chapter in my life possible"
 Karen Pleau - West Gardiner

"Cindy is a professional who goes above & beyond in her effort to assist her clients.  I appreciated the constant contact in each step of the process - from start to finish - very efficient and caring."  
 Sheila Lucente - Bath

"Cindy, Beth, & Melissa were super.  Courtesy, efficient follow through, & great communication from the entire team.  The reputation of the Fontaine Team in the Lewiston/Auburn area is the most talked about everywhere.  Cindy has a great sense of honesty, knowledge, & care.  Just great people!"  
 Daniel Knowlton - Largo, FL

"Cindy was very friendly & always there to answer our questions & make suggestions.  She was aggressive when trying to sell.  If you hire Cindy she will get the job done!  She was great!"  
 Carolyn Couture - Leeds

"Cindy was super helpful, very informative, & kept me up to date."  
 David Dyer - Yarmouth

"Cindy got the job done in a record amount of time.  Interaction with the staff was very good & all were very helpful.  Go with Fontaine - Ask for Cindy!"  
 Elaine Medrano - Auburn

"Cindy was a go getter.  She worked hard & was always accessible.  Cindy is an excellent Realtor...we love her!"
 Sheena & Patrick Ouellette - Greene

"Cindy had a great personality & was always available.  She is a professional!"
 Roland Fortin - Greene

"From the beginning, Cindy came across as dedicated, smart, & fun.
 She is authentic and it shows!  Cindy really put us first & made us feel like we were her only clients.  With other agents, it was clear, we were not always a priority.  Cindy will be right there through the good & the bad of the real estate process.  Cindy listened to our concerns, took the time to answer all of our questions, & always got back to us so quickly.  Cindy has an amazing balance of keeping her sense of humor in her work, while also remaining incredibly competent & professional.  Cindy was the best!"  
 Brandon Hotham & David Theberge - Topsham

"Cindy was very helpful setting up our sale.  She worked very hard for us...with great results!"
 Joseph and Cecilia Levasseur - Port Charlotte, FL

"Cindy was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about the market & area.  Cindy made the whole process fun & exciting.  She worked with our schedules and was very accommodating.  Cindy puts all her heart and soul into her clients.  She is the best!  The whole process went great & love the free moving van!"  
 Danielle Lavoie & Robert Labonte - Turner

"Cindy was very pleasant and helpful from the first time we met her.  She was always there to help & answer our questions.  She always responded in a quick and timely manner."  
 Sensenig & Jeannine Erwin - Greene

"Cindy is energetic, honest, pleasant, happy, competent, & professional."  
 Patricia Gott - Norway

"I felt like Cindy had been a friend for a lifetime.  Great personality.  I can't imagine working with anyone but Cindy!"  
 Lynn Bouchard - Manchester

"Cindy was very friendly, knowledgeable, diligent, & thorough."  
 Jacqueline & Carlton Murch

"Cindy was kind, easy to speak with, and listened to our questions & concerns.  Cindy did not talk down to us, but actively communicated.  She is intelligent, friendly & knowledgeable."
 Evan & Heidi Peer - Turner

"Cindy was nice, friendly, & dedicated to us with what we were looking for.  She listened!  That is what a customer wants most."
 Bart & Cindy Wheeler - Winthrop

"Cindy is a go-getter, willing to make things work & to answer all questions.  This lady will take care of you!"
 Stephen & Mary Ann Breden - Lewiston