Cindy Morin

(207)576-7896 °

"Cindy was efficient & dependable.  She was always available.  Cindy is awesome!"
Rheal & Linda Harps - Monmouth

"Cindy was very supportive & answered all our questions."
Russ Strout - Greene

"Cindy got results - FAST! She was pleasant to deal with & there was good communication.  She was tenacious in working out an acceptable deal & saved the sale at the last minute."
 Janet Barrett - Lewiston

"Cindy is a very likeable person to work with.  She is very pleasant & to the point.  I enjoyed the way she handled herself."
 Paul Parent - Lewiston

"We were very pleased with the service we received & would recommend Cindy!  I really liked the app for showings & Cindy's warm, friendly service!  She gave excellent advice!"
 Darryl and Cheryl Ellis - Mason, NH

"Cindy was very low key & friendly.  Excellent customer service."
 Robie Wagner - Buxton

"This was our second time with the Fontaine Team.  Cindy is the best!"  
 Mike & Chrystal Tripp - Livermore Falls

"Cindy is awesome to work with.  She is knowledgeable, approachable, & responsive!"
 Candice Niva & Alex Gaeth

"Cindy was friendly, knowledgeable, & all smiles!  Communication was great & service was friendly."
 Eric Hutchins - Auburn

"Cindy is extremely easy to work with.  She is honest, pleasant, & prompt!"
 Abbe Chabot - Greene

"Cindy is trustworthy, up front, involved, & kept us up to date.  She was ready to answer our calls & questions!"
 Ed and Kathleen Rose - Greene

"Cindy did a great job & always helped me in any way she could.  She sold my home in a short time."  
 Marilyn Morea - Foxboro, MA

"Cindy is so helpful.  She is very attentive & on top of details."  
 Claudette Robert - Lewiston

"Cindy was very understanding.  Cindy is the best & we would recommend her."  
 Rheal Harps - Monmouth

"Cindy is beyond AMAZING!"  
 Bear and Carrie Parker - Winthrop

"Cindy was energetic, positive, encouraging, & attentive!  We loved the photographer & the photos.  Showing scheduling went smoothly."  
 Peg Hoffman & Jim Cogan - Lewiston

"Cindy was very helpful in finding a home & listening to my requests.  She understood what I was looking for & helped me pick up on details I would have otherwise missed."  
 Drew Haskell - Lewiston

"Cindy was compassionate, prompt, & informative.  Excellent service!"  
 Karen Pleau - Augusta

"Cindy was fast & effective!  She got the job done!  Cindy is the best! If you want to sell your house fast & for a good price, call her!"  
 Candace Niva - Rockport

"Cindy was friendly & prompt with communication.  Cindy is amazing!"
 Michele & Steve Bosse - Greene

"Cindy Morin is my realtor. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Cindy personally for taking my property and working with me. It was a very tough for me going through this process, but Cindy really made it smooth & was honest with me every step of the way. I appreciate her kindness, her caring, & most of all what this property meant to me and my family. I just didn't want to sell my property but I wanted to make sure the buyer knew the history and memories I created while living there. Cindy really worked with me, & I have to say it was tough at times, I really got to know her as she did me. So I thank you so much Cindy for sticking it out with me & helping me. You really made a difference, I could not have done it without you...I know we will cross paths again in the near future. I wanted to thank you again, & I wish you the best. Thank you Cindy Morin & the rest of the Fontaine group for making the next chapter in my life possible"
 Karen Pleau - West Gardiner

"Cindy is a professional who goes above & beyond in her effort to assist her clients.  I appreciated the constant contact in each step of the process - from start to finish - very efficient and caring."  
 Sheila Lucente - Bath

"Cindy, Beth, & Melissa were super.  Courtesy, efficient follow through, & great communication from the entire team.  The reputation of the Fontaine Team in the Lewiston/Auburn area is the most talked about everywhere.  Cindy has a great sense of honesty, knowledge, & care.  Just great people!"  
 Daniel Knowlton - Largo, FL

"Cindy was very friendly & always there to answer our questions & make suggestions.  She was aggressive when trying to sell.  If you hire Cindy she will get the job done!  She was great!"  
 Carolyn Couture - Leeds

"Cindy was super helpful, very informative, & kept me up to date."  
 David Dyer - Yarmouth

"Cindy got the job done in a record amount of time.  Interaction with the staff was very good & all were very helpful.  Go with Fontaine - Ask for Cindy!"  
 Elaine Medrano - Auburn

"Cindy was a go getter.  She worked hard & was always accessible.  Cindy is an excellent Realtor...we love her!"
 Sheena & Patrick Ouellette - Greene

"Cindy had a great personality & was always available.  She is a professional!"
 Roland Fortin - Greene

"From the beginning, Cindy came across as dedicated, smart, & fun.
 She is authentic and it shows!  Cindy really put us first & made us feel like we were her only clients.  With other agents, it was clear, we were not always a priority.  Cindy will be right there through the good & the bad of the real estate process.  Cindy listened to our concerns, took the time to answer all of our questions, & always got back to us so quickly.  Cindy has an amazing balance of keeping her sense of humor in her work, while also remaining incredibly competent & professional.  Cindy was the best!"  
 Brandon Hotham & David Theberge - Topsham

"Cindy was very helpful setting up our sale.  She worked very hard for us...with great results!"
 Joseph and Cecilia Levasseur - Port Charlotte, FL

"Cindy was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about the market & area.  Cindy made the whole process fun & exciting.  She worked with our schedules and was very accommodating.  Cindy puts all her heart and soul into her clients.  She is the best!  The whole process went great & love the free moving van!"  
 Danielle Lavoie & Robert Labonte - Turner

"Cindy was very pleasant and helpful from the first time we met her.  She was always there to help & answer our questions.  She always responded in a quick and timely manner."  
 Sensenig & Jeannine Erwin - Greene

"Cindy is energetic, honest, pleasant, happy, competent, & professional."  
 Patricia Gott - Norway

"I felt like Cindy had been a friend for a lifetime.  Great personality.  I can't imagine working with anyone but Cindy!"  
 Lynn Bouchard - Manchester

"Cindy was very friendly, knowledgeable, diligent, & thorough."  
 Jacqueline & Carlton Murch

"Cindy was kind, easy to speak with, and listened to our questions & concerns.  Cindy did not talk down to us, but actively communicated.  She is intelligent, friendly & knowledgeable."
 Evan & Heidi Peer - Turner

"Cindy was nice, friendly, & dedicated to us with what we were looking for.  She listened!  That is what a customer wants most."
 Bart & Cindy Wheeler - Winthrop

"Cindy is a go-getter, willing to make things work & to answer all questions.  This lady will take care of you!"
 Stephen & Mary Ann Breden - Lewiston