Green Homes




New cutting edge state-of-the-art eco-green "ultra-high performance building shell system"TM offers a healthier lifestyle as well as... 



  • A very short construction cycle that reduces carrying cost and wait time.
  • Extremely rugged structure that can withstand high winds and heavy snow loads.
  • Low maintenance and low energy costs, increasing disposable income and the time to enjoy family, travel, and life.
  • Unlimited floor plan design oppotunities to meet everyone's living, socializing, entertaining, and work preferences.
  • Smart home technology.

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Offering New Construction & Turn-key Packages: 

Residential Homes

Millennials, the largest generation in our country’s history, are becoming the next group of real estate buyers. They prefer products that are modern, techie, different, and green.
With a home, they want affordable, comfortable, low energy, low maintenance, and environmentally responsible. 

This is what we are offering! 

 Vacation Homes

We all would love a vacation home, but sometimes they can be “a project”. Build a Shelter+7 Archtype Structure and reap the benefits! 

 Better use of time - low maintenance
 Better health - healthy indoor air quality.
Build it tight, ventilate it right!

 Better use of money - higher long term resale value considerations and lower ownership costs due to energy efficiency. 

Commercial Buildings

These buildings are very versatile in any commercial application. 

 Building Length
The system provides for any length building desired, made up in 4’ increments. 

 Building Width
 The full arch building shells run about 40’ wide while the Gothic Shells are available in 24’, 28’, 32’, and 36’ wide.