Fontaine Helps You Sell Quickly

June 26, 2018

The Fontaine Unique Team System

When you  buy or sell a home with the Fontaine Team, you automatically benefit  from the unique and powerful home selling system that has been  engineered, but more importantly PROVEN, to give you better service and  results.  

It is  important for you to understand how different the Fontaine Team System  is from the way most companies operate, because this difference is responsible for the tremendous success homeowners like you have when using our system to buy or sell a home.

What this means to you is that when you list your home with our team it is far more likely to sell, and far more likely to sell for more money. 

How does  our system work?  Well, the best way to explain it to you is that we  have modeled our business after other successful businesses outside of  real estate - such as lawyers, accountants, doctors, etc.  Instead of  operating a one-man show, as most agents do, we have hired an entire  team of professionals who are specially trained in different aspects of  the home selling process.

For  example, we have a customer service department which is solely dedicated  to following up on all showings of your property and providing you with  feedback, in order to understand what potential buyers are saying about  your home when they go through it.  This is really important  information for you to know.  A detailed written report is given to each  of our clients each month. 

We also  have a marketing department who specialize in putting together the most  extensive and aggressive marketing plan for your home. 

Our team  of buyer’s agents are actively looking for buyers for your property.   I’m sure you will agree that this manpower significantly outweighs what  you could find with other agents.  As you may or may not know, when  other real estate companies use the word “team”, it is used in a much  looser fashion.  In reality, while these other companies have lots of  agents, they operate independently of one another – not as a true team.   They don’t work together with a focus on your home the way our system  is engineered to do.  With our true team approach, you will never have  to worry if your agent takes the weekend off (the way you would if you  listed with a single agent) because, of course, our whole team provides  24 hour, 7 day-a-week marketing and servicing back up for your home.   There will always be someone knowledgeable, competent, and experienced  handling all inquiries on your home. 

Besides  your own personal agent, you have access to a professional licensed  support staff of Realtors®.  These talented Realtors® handle all the  behind the scenes details (typically handled by the listing agent)  giving your agent the opportunity to cater to your needs and it will not  cost you more!

When you  want your  home SOLD for Top Dollar Faster and experience a stress-free  process, pick up the phone or e-mail us for a FREE, no obligation  consultation. 

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