Teri Campbell

(207)576-4180 ° teri@fontaineteam.com

"Teri got the ball rolling fast, was informative, and sold the house in 5 days!  She gave us good, solid advice and was very friendly.  Communication is key and that's what Teri did...she continually communicated with us keeping us informed."
Michael & Rachel Dixon - Lewiston

"Teri listens to what you are looking for and doesn't push properties that don't fit.  She was diligent and responded in a timely manner.  Other Realtors didn't respond to my calls.  Best Service!"
Carrie Jo Merriman - Greene

"Teri is very personable and always in communication.  She was awesome about every step of the process and always informed us of everything."  
Corey Doyle & Darcy Johnson - Limington

"Teri kept us informed by both phone and e-mail.  Give Fontaine a try.  You will love them!"
Evelyn Tyrell - Lewiston

“Teri was amazing.  She was so friendly, helpful, and the best sense of humor.  She helped us feel at ease when we were very anxious and excited.  From Day 1 to after the closing, the team has been there to answer any and all questions we've had."
 Rachel and Jamie Westling - Lewiston

"Teri was extraordinary!  She was reliable, caring, and went above and beyond on the weekends!  Interaction with Teri was the best customer service we have ever received!"
 Dale & Amanda Corriveau - South Paris

"Teri was awesome throughout the process.  Team members were always available."
 Justin and Sara Moon - Windham

"Teri was friendly, attentive, and quick to respond.  Everything was perfect!"  
Lauren & John Blais - Turner