Emotional Mistakes to Avoid when Selling a House in Maine

November 1, 2018

Selling a home can be an emotional undertaking.  You have poured your time and money into a home that is now filled with memories.  It can be difficult, but if you can keep your emotional distance and try to view your home as a financial asset, it will be easier to make decisions that will likely benefit you and a profitable sale!

Try to avoid these 5 common emotional mistakes:

1.  Not hiring a Real Estate Agent - It may be tempting to try to sell your home yourself to "save some money" - especially in a fast moving market.  But there are just as many issues that can arise in a fast moving seller's market.  In any market, an experience agent that is knowledgeable in the area, state of the real estate market, and skilled in negotiating - like the talented agents of the Fontaine Team - can not only save you a lot of stress, but can get you more money for your sale! 

2.  Not pricing it right - Sellers often feel that their house "owes" them all the money they put into it over the years.  In reality, your home is only worth what a qualified buyer is willing to pay.  An experienced agent can help you figure out what the price is that will get you top dollar faster!  

3.  Not being ready to show - Yes, it is a pain, but you can't sell a house the way you live.  From the day the photographer takes the photos for your home listing, the house should stay "show ready".   Packing up personal photos, removing appliance from the kitchen counter tops, and paring down furniture can go a long way toward buyers being able to see themselves living there so they bring you an offer.  

4.  Not working with a low offer - It can be insulting to get an offer for much less than you are asking, but an offer is just that...and offer to negotiate.  A buyer may be in love with your home, but just be feeling you out.  A counter-offer could lead to you getting exactly what you want! 

5.  Not dealing with inspection issues - No matter how well you take care of your home, it is possible that an inspector finds a problem.  Getting upset won't change the issue, so it is best to put your feelings aside and work with your real estate agent to see if it is something that needs to be addressed.  It could be and easy fix or it could be something that will become an issue for the next potential buyer.  An experience agent will help you navigate the process.

Selling a home can be emotional, but in the end...it is a business transaction.  If you can put your feelings aside with the help of your real estate agent, you can avoid costly emotional mistakes and reach your real estate goals!

When you are ready to sell your home, call Fontaine Team to help you through the process and get your home sold for top dollar faster!
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