3 Key Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

November 19, 2019

You finally decided to sell your home, and you can’t wait to buy a new place. But there's just one thing standing in your way: you've got to sell your current home first and hope it doesn't take months to get an offer. And the longer your home is on the market, the less valuable it becomes so time is of the essence. Buyers will be most interested in your home the first few weeks it’s on the market, so make sure you're in the best position to sell starting on day one.

Consider these 3 ways to sell your home fast:

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Proper Access

Buyers like to see homes on their schedule, which can often mean nights and weekends. Opening your home at a moments notice is also extremely important especially in a competitive  market. Buyers want to tour homes soon after they find them so they don't miss out on an opportunity. If you let your agent know your home can be shown with little or no notice, this will open it up to more prospective buyers. If you require 24 hours notice, buyers may choose to skip your home altogether and that's one less person that gets to see your property. Finally be ready to leave quickly when you get a showing notice. If you're still tidying up or hanging around outside when the buyer arrives it could make for an awkward situation.

Make it look great

Nothing turns off buyers more than a dirty home. If you're not willing or don't have time to clean everything from the baseboards to the inside of your cabinets, hire a company to do the deep cleaning for you. When your home is on the market, it should always be clean and tidy and ready for a showing anytime.

It's also a good idea to remove family photos, clutter and anything personal. You want home buyers to see your home as if it were theirs and not yours. Remove everything that marks the house as your territory: children's artwork and toys, collections, sports memorabilia, etc. Family photos should be replaced with neutral art or removed completely. Just make sure to remove any nails and repair any nail holes.

People love light and bright - open all curtains and blinds to let the natural light in and turn on lights in any darker rooms. And while your home is on the market, open all curtains and turn on lights when you leave for work or errands because you could get word a buyer would like to see your home while you're out.

Before you spend time or money freshening up your home to sell, connect with a real estate agent you trust for advice. A true professional knows what buyers in your area want and can help you maximize your home’s appeal without busting your budget.


No seller wants to leave money on the table, however setting an unrealistically high price initially with the idea of lowering it later doesn't work in real estate. Buyers and their agents have more access than ever to comparable data on homes that have recently sold in the area, so they know what most homes are worth before even viewing them. A home that's overpriced in the beginning tends to stay on the market longer, even after the price is reduced. This strategy often makes buyers thing there is something wrong with the home, so pricing your home competitively right from the start offers more success in the end.



Well informed homeowners choose The Fontaine Homeselling System to obtain them top dollar faster, along with a stress free experience. We know buying or selling a home can be very stressful and emotional, but when you have an experienced, top-producing agent on your side, you are more likely to have a smooth and successful home sale. Contact one of our agents today to start discussing the process of selling your home and/or finding your forever home!

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